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Programmed to act like a real Kitty. Walks,twist ear, tail curves up and down, front jumping sit and and stand with mouse controller. ust like Tekno Puppy, Tekno Kitty responds to your voice, actions, motions, lights, sounds and even an app on your Apple iPad device and tablets for Android. Thanks to her artificial intelligence program, Kitty will meow, cry, whine and change her eye patterns in ways to show how she’s feeling.Kitty has state-of-the-art sensors to know if she’s being petted, fed, talked to, and played with. In short, she acts just like a real kitty. Kitty also features hand gesture control. With a simple movement of your hand, you can command Kitty to walk, stop, stand up, and pounce. And believe me your kids will love and be fascinated by how their Tekno pet can respond to their hand signals! But, deep inside her programming, Kitty is still an 8 week old kitty cat. Tekno Kitty walks, purrs and meows just like a real kitten. Like her puppy and dinosaur friends she responds to your voice, lights and sounds with expressive eye patterns to share her feelings. She too has cutting edge hand gesture technology that commands Tekno Kitty to walk and stop. Using her mouse accessory, train her to do tricks, she will sit and beg for her mouse and watch her almighty pounce to catch the mouse! Kitty needs attention to be happy. Just like a real kitty cat, it is important to play with her and not forget to take care of her. She needs stimulation to be happy such as petting or rubbing her on her head, talking to her, or clapping your hands. You will see her ears twist, her eyes flash, her tail curl, and she will happily walk around looking for adventure. You should also remember to feed her with her robot Mouse at least once a day.

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