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Amazing Magic - 325 Tricks



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Amazing Magic - 325 Illusions to trick your friends
Simply incredible magic can be mastered in minutes!

Instructional DVD and easy to follow instruction book included.

- Perform dazzling card routines
- Objects can disappear in your "bare hands" and then reappear or even transform
- Present coins that travel from one cup to another "invisibly"
- Have a chosen card "rise" to the top on the deck and know the chosen card even before they do
- Cause dice to change colour in the amazing anti-gravity tude
... and much,much more!

- Instruction Book
- Trick Cards
- Ring and Spring
- Magic Rope
- Thumb Tip
- Magic wand
- Ellis Rings
- Knot Disintergration chamber
- Mystery coded cards
- Magic cloning tube
- Magic money cups
- Secret card deck
- Magic card holder
- Linking rings
- Magic Thimbles
- Hypnotic Coin Disk
- Magic diamond card
- Spiked Coin
- Banana Cards
- Vanishing Pom Poms
- Magic Paddle
- Magic Money
- Anti-gravity Tube
- Magic Cups
- Featherweight Magic Dice

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