Li'L Woodzeez Squirrel Family W/ Grandparents

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Meet the Nicnacker Squirrels and its 7 family members! There is older sister Tulip, her twin siblings Timmie and Tammie, their parents Sarah and Carl and their grandparents Nora and Earl! They come from Honeysuckle Hollow, where all the woodland creatures take care of each other and the environment. These fuzzy fun toys are the perfect size for the smallest hands, and have heads, arms, legs and tails that turn for hours of playtime! All you need is a bit of imagination to bring them to life! The Nicnackers all wear bright, colorful clothes that will fit most of their Li'l Woodzeez mini friends! Granny Nora and Grandpa Earl even has some additional accessories: their glasses match their outfit and help them see well! Grandpa Earl walks with his toy cane to support him on his long strolls in the forest! Granny and Grandpa live with Mom Sarah and Dad Carl! When the Nicnacker parents go to work, the grandparents are always there to watch the children, play with them when school is over, read them bedtime stories and kiss them goodnight. The Li'l Woodzeez toys are recommended for little ones over 3 years.

This Li'l Woodzeez Family comes with 2 squirrel parents, 3 squirrel kids, 2 squirrel grandparents


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