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GEOFLUX™ magically transforms from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid! What’s more, when you insert your hand through the coils GeoFlux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it’s a blur of motion. GeoFlux can then “bridge” over to your other arm, staying in perpetual motion. A fantastic party trick and exercise tool, it “fluxes” easily from person to person. Or place GeoFlux on a broom handle, lower one end slightly, and watch as it moves along the shaft, twirling so rapidly it looks like a giant soap bubble. Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel, GeoFlux folds flat for easy storage in the included travel pouch. 

This product was also voted one of the top 10 toys that gets kids focused. See what they had to say below. 

Sometimes we all wish we can just quickly take a dip in the pool just for five minutes in order to get back into work-mode.  Of course, that’s impossible. But could there be a way to replicate the sensation of being woken up by tiny droplets of water – without getting wet? The best toy to meet this challenge is the Geo Toroflux which is one long strand of metal coiled perfectly into a spiral that is connected by both ends. When not folded flat, this toy can run up on down your arms (and maybe even legs) and make you feel so alive – like a thousand fairies are dancing on top of your skin.

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