Pigeon Baby Peristaltic Plus Nipple S 2Pce/Blister Pack

Pigeon Baby Peristaltic Plus Nipple S 2Pce/Blister Pack

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Developing a Stable Rhythm for Nursing

– Your baby will slowly start to stay awake for longer periods of time Over 4 kg. Baby drinks roughly 100ml in 10 mins
– Baby will drink continuously for a longer period of time.
– From 2 months baby will drink more per day at roughly 3 hourly intervals.

The next generation of teat – the result of extensive research in latching, peristaltic movement and swallowing. Our Softouch Peristaltic PLUS teat aims to be the closest teat to a mother’s nipple to reduce nipple confusion and promote easy bottle feeding.

S size for babies that drink 100ml in approx 10 mins.

The S teat tip is a round hole, meaning the milk will drip out without too much effort from your baby, perfect for when they are very young and their jaw muscles are less developed.


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