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Bubble Trouble Dolls 2 Pack - Watermelon & Ice Cream

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Headstart International's Bubble Trouble dolls are soft, scented, squeezable, and feature gumball-themed hair and outfits. Each 10-inch Bubble Trouble doll comes in a bubble gum machine package along with its mini squishy Bubble Buddies. Each doll will have vibrant squishy hair and stretchy, bubble gum-themed clothes. The dolls also feature posable arms and legs.

Bubble Trouble dolls are squishy smooshy cuties come to life inside a gumball machine. They are scrumptiously scented and ready to be squeezed, and just like bubblegum they are bursting with flavour and squooshiness! Stretchy, scented hair and soft, squishy outfits, each one has a sticky, smooshy Bubble Buddy bestie!

DOL- JUS-HD-7944-2P11

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