Bullyland Velociraptor (24cm) Expand

Bullyland Velociraptor (24cm)

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Velociraptor was a small dinosaur that lived about 65 million to 90 million years ago in the Cretaceous period in China and Mongolia. It was an agile, bipedal predatory dinosaur that leapt and killed its prey with its big toe. Velociraptor probably had feathers at least on the arms and tail. It couldn’t fly, but the feathers helped to maintain its balance during a chase. At about 1.8 metres in length, it was not particularly large, but it could overpower other dinosaurs at least as big as itself. Velociraptors may have hunted in groups. Bullyland figurines are made from TVC which has several advantages over PVC figurines. TVC is softer, non-toxic and it is made from a recyclable material unlike PVC.
Gender Unisex
Age Ages 3+
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