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Hatchimals Hatchiwow - Blindbox

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Inside the largest and first-ever re-hatchable hatchimals egg, is a llalacorn excited to meet you! Part unicorn, part llama, hatchimals wow is the first hatchimal to express its emotions through movement - with a neck that can magically grow up to 32-inches tall or shrink down on its own, hatchimals wow is larger than life! Every time you hatch the egg, llalacorn wakes up in one of 10 surprise moods! Out-of-egg you can cuddle with her, feed her, play games or tickle her! Hatching only takes five minutes, but your llalacorn can't do it without you. To hatch, tilt the egg back and forth. When you see rainbow eyes through the shell, your llalacorn is ready to hatch - she will grow taller until she pushes the egg top off, singing "hatchy birthday!"  With soft and fluffy fabric, a plush snout and expressive eyes, you won't know if you're getting a pink or purple llalacorn until you hatch! Discover the unique personality of your hatchimals wow as you play with her. Snuggle llalacorn, and she'll coo and shrink down to a small size; play music and she'll grow taller belting out the high note; make her chase her confetti fruit accessory up and down; and tickle her to make her giggle and bob up and down! When you're ready for another hatch, place your hatchimals wow back into her egg to hatch again and again!  Featuring over 250 sounds and reactions, there's so much to discover the more you play and care for your hatchimals wow! Bring home the ultimate hatchimals surprise with hatchimals wow!

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